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Healthy Fast Meal Plans For Your Greatest Fast.. Part 1

April 02, 2016 Nowrish RnD

Whether you are fasting as part of a religious practice or for health reasons, chances are you want to get the  health benefits that fasting offers. We will help you do that. We also think that you do more than that....

For example, use the fast as an opportunity to break bad habits and harmful dependencies. 

Here's our strategy: We will not be replacing your traditional meals or the meals that you like to eat before a fast, or to break a fast. We will be augmenting them with some side dishes and we will be swapping some of the traditional ingredients you use in your meals with strategically better substitutes. There are a few other devious tricks we want to use to our advantage to reduce body fat, reduce stress and anxiety, improve quality of sleep, reduce dependency on simple sugars (sweets) and other harmful foods. We're going to do it with minimum effort and maximum deliciousness.

First let's agree. If you're going to be fasting for the first time in your life and you are not in the 18-38 age group (relatively invincible) and not in the 38-55 age group with very good health then you need to make sure that your doctor is on board with your fasting plans.

Next, let's go over the meal planning guidelines today and we will be putting them into meal planning practice in subsequent articles.

1- Lots of complex carbs (mostly from whole grains, legumes, some fruits and vegitables)
2- Liquid restoration (broths, soups, in addition to water)
3- Avoiding simple carbohydrates (e.g. sugars, white flour based breads)
4- Well balanced meals
5- The right kind and amount of proteins and fiber.

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