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The Better Pill: on the composition of the Healthy Fasting Supplement

May 11, 2016 Nowrishing Words

There were a lot of questions about the ingredients of the Healthy Fasting pill and how they work to support the fast. It would be too technical to discuss all the science that worked into formulating the pill, choosing ingredients and exact quantities and ratios. However, we would be more than happy to  shed some light on the ingredients and the thinking behind them.

To begin with, we looked at cleaning the toxins that get released into the blood stream as stored fat is broken down. To do that, we chose a group of strong anti oxidants, both in pure chemical form (such as Vitamin C, D) as well as in plant powder form (such as wheatgrass, one of nature's strongest cleansers) and concentrated extracts (such as turmeric and green tea extract). The combination of both pure form vitamins and plant powders and extracts provides a wide range of anti oxidants, a longer lasting effect and better absorption by the body.

Another symptom of fasting is low energy. But it's not smart to pump the body with caffeine, its effect doesn't last long, and too much of it can cause headaches, sleep disturbance, and liquid loss (dehydration). So we looked into improving vitality. A joyful feeling of well being and alertness and a healthy desire for activity. Some of the B vitamins boost metabolism and vitality. But we added licorice root, which is an energizing and cleansing substance, echinacea and green tea help with that too.

Muscle cramps and headaches were also high on our list. For those we used chamomile, valerian root (which is one of nature's most potent muscle relaxants and headache medications). Valerian root in large quantities can be used as a sleeping aid, but we used it in a dosage that doesn't make you sleepy but does help with cramps and headaches. Chamomile is a very well known muscle relaxant and headache buster as well. Green tea is also great for headaches and concentration.

Then we worried about inflammation. It's a concern especially in Muslim fasts that involve complete abstinence from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. In the heat, and especially for people who perform physical work and for those having to deal with high stress levels, this type of fast can be quite hard on the body. To boost immunity, support the liver and reduce possibility of inflammation, we chose rosemary, echinacea, turmeric and licorice root.

When the eating patterns are extreme (such as during a fast), digestion and regular body functions are disturbed. To help with those we added cumin, licorice root, and rosemary. 

Those are some of the thoughts behind the formulation of the Healthy Fasting supplement and we are confident that they will help you achieve your purist fasting experience.

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