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Fasting with the Healthy Fast Supplement: First hand accounts and analysis

May 30, 2016 Nowrishing Words

Here are a few quotes from our study participants..

".. while I still feel the hunger, I have ample energy and mental clarity .."

".. my mood was stable .."

".. I went to the gym while fasting, and had a good level of energy there .. Great workout on an empty stomach.. felt light and agile.."

".. After I took the pill, I felt a gentle warmth that started at the stomach and spread to the rest of my body.. Love this feeling of well being .. "


While it is true that the user experiments are still in their infancy, we are getting a clear indication healthy fasting supplement is a solid success. Feeling mental clarity, energy, lightness and a sense of well being is quite remarkable for the first days of fasting.

The science staff at Norwrish are extremely proud. We are sending an open invitation to all of our customers to share their experience fasting with the Healthy Fasting supplement. While it's truly great to create the first fasting supplement in history. We want to be doing the best possible science and to make sure that we are making the best possible product that anyone can make.

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