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June 14, 2016 Nowrishing Words

About 3 weeks ago, when the Healthy Fasting supplement arrived from manufacturing we sent samples to one of the leading independent labs in Holland for extensive testing.

This is a voluntary step since we have already passed all the purity and potency tests and received EU certification.

Why would a new startup, limited in resources, needing to compete and thrive in an heavily populated ecosystem, why would we take on such a large expense when it had already passed the same tests at the manufacturer's labs and is certified and in perfect compliance with all rules and regulations. 

Simply this: We needed to be absolutely sure that we have kept our promise to make a world class supplement of impeccable quality that does a lot of good, without doing even a little harm.

So the lab results came back today. We passed all the tests.. Some details:

  • No pesticides
  • No mold, or any other biological (bacterial, viral) contaminants
  • No environmental pollutants

Basically we got a certificate of purity from an independent lab which tried to detect a long list, literally dozens of possible contaminants and we're ecstatic to have completed this phase.

I think we will be patting ourselves on the shoulder for the next five minutes then we'll get back to work..

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