About Nowrish

About Nowrish

Our purpose is to help heal people and support all in living longer, healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.

Our Motto: Healing People, Unlocking Potential.

To benefit from the collective wisdom, we 'borrowed' and 'distilled' from various ancient and modern traditions on health and wellbeing to formulate our approach and philosophy. One key concept guiding us is that of the "mind-body" meaning the understanding that the separation between the mind and the body is an artificial one and that there is a two way interaction between all layers that make up a being. This gives access to a set of tools to allow us to directly impact our health and happiness.

While developing holistic programs, our initial focus was on formulating custom supplements that support and enhance specific activities. Our first product is a nutritional supplement focused on the ancient and universal activity of fasting. We also look to revive and make available traditional recipes for healing common ailments. Eventually the supplements created will form one support component of the overal purpose.

Nowrish was founded by a group of close friends with diverse successful professional backgrounds (and working closely with a team of nutritionists, doctors, herbalists, food engineers, fitness coaches, life coaches, yoga instructors etc), but with shared core beliefs that have become the core values that are the soul of Nowrish.

Principles for Nutritional Supplements

  • We believe that a balanced diet, moderate exercise, sleeping at least 7 hours every night and laughing takes you a long way toward vitality
  • We believe that the world we live in presents challenges that our bodies weren't designed for. Pollution in food, water, and air is one of those challenges but there are others. The ultimate cure for those would be to clean the environment and change the way we grow our food. But that's going to take a 'few weeks', so in the meanwhile we should find natural ways to counteract those pollutants
  • Some activities present certain additional challenges to the body. Nowrish specializes in making targeted supplements specifically for those activities. The vegan friendly 'Healthy Fasting' supplement is now available to enjoy, we have also just released the Gaming Supplement "Survival Mode" and we are busy developing further supplements targeted towards other activities.
  • By the way, not to be boastful or anything, but we do our manufacturing and packaging in the Netherlands, meeting or exceeding the strictest regulation and manufacturing best practices. So you will never find a hair in our soup, so to speak...
  • Nowrish makes nutritional supplements that remove those pollutants naturally and strengthen's the body's ability to repair their damage
  • Also we prefer Vegan whenever possible and certainly no allergens or GMO ingredients.


Besides the overal positive impact on individuals longed for by the company, important to the Founders is the idea of Do Well, Do Good. The company shall contribute at least 4% of net profits to help people in ways that align to our overal purpose. We will also take the geographic and demographic source of our revenues into consideration when allocating to charities and the like in order to show gratitude to our supporters.

It would be an honour and a great privilege for us to be part of your good health, high performance and overal healing. We believe that you will greatly benefit from our supplements & other activities. We look forward to your positive experiences and feedback.

Nowrish Founders